a few words about us (EAT MORE BACON!)

Meet the owners

Missy (somewhere in the middle): has always enjoyed cooking and entertaining. She would have get togethers as often as possible just so she could cook for friends and family. If you have ever met Missy you would know that her "parties" were the best and she truly was always the hostess with the mostess. She has taken her passion for cooking and entertaining and has brought it all to her cafe located in the heart of Rockaway, NJ. She will make you feel right at home when you enter her cafe, you can taste and feel the love in every bite of her food.

Kellene (somewhere in the middle): has always been an entrepreneur, owning several businesses at a time. Currently she owns a real estate brokerage, The Addison Group and Missy's Main Street Cafe. Kellene is more behind the scenes running the books and keeping the back end running smoothly, but you can find her in the cafe randomly through out the week.

The Story: Missy and Kellene were driving past an old run down bar on a busy main road in their town when Missy looked over and says "I think that would be a great place for a cafe" Kellene replied "Yeah, I agree!". Missy then says "I'd love to own a cafe, I've always wanted to." Kellene quickly replied "Really? me too!" They didn't know they had the same passion for owning a small cafe. In typical fashion for Kellene she immediately (after done driving of course) started looking for small cafe's for sale in nearby areas. It just so happened that earlier that week Main Street Cafe in Rockaway was listed for sale. Kellene made a phone call and the two purchased what is now known as Missy's Main Street Cafe. They have owned the business since August 1st 2015. The way these two are going this place is sure to be happily in business for several years to come!

our advantages


Feels Like Home

In this fast paced world so many people have lost touch with a real home town eatery. Missy's Main Street Cafe is bringing back that home town feel with home made food and attentive caring service.


Customer Wall

Aside from the home made food there is definitely a personal touch here at Missy's. Missy and her staff love to take photos of their customers and hang them on the "Customer Wall of Fame" These photos range from funny to serious and are sure to give you a laugh and even find people you know.


Specials Named After You

That's right, every week Missy names each one of her specials after one of her customers, family or friends. You only have to come in once to get on the list. You can even request what you would like to be named after!

Our Staff

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Head Chef



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